Cavity Free Club


Cavity Free Club

In order to help promote good dental hygiene, and prevent cavities from forming, Surfside Kids has a complimentary Cavity Free Club. If no cavities are found during the first appointment or recall your child will be automatically entered into our monthly drawing for a chance to win an awesome prize!

Why do Children need fluoride?

Our mouths contain



combines with


 Burger and Fries

in foods and beverages we eat & drink and produces

is produced


Cracked Tooth

harms tooth enamel & damages teeth

 teeth icon


protects teeth by making them more resistant to ACID

Glass of Water

Drink fluoridated water

Tooth Brush

Brush with fluoridated toothpaste

surfside kidsTalk to your dentist about fluoride treatments

when the baby teeth will be lost?


  • Teeth Number years
  • 1.Lower Central Incisors 6-7
  • 2.Upper Central Incisors 6-7
  • 3.Upper Lateral Incisors 7-8
  • 4.Lower Lateral Incisors 7-8
  • 5.Upper First Molars 9-11
  • 6.Lower First Molars 9-11
  • 7.Upper Canines (cuspids) 9-12
  • 8.Lower Canines (cuspids) 9-12
  • 9.Lower Second Molars 10-12
  • 10.Upper Second Molars 10-12